Dylan Bowman

Perpetuator of Stoke / Appreciator of Endurance

Looking Forward

It has been rather difficult for me to readjust to life without a daunting goal ahead of me that involves running silly amounts of miles. That being said, I have absolutely relished the last couple weeks which have been highlighted by copious amounts of rest and relaxation. Life has moved slowly, I’ve been able to pack on a few extra pounds, and I’ve been content to spend my free time enjoying non-athletic pursuits. Until today I had only run a handful of times since Run Rabbit Run, and hadn’t ventured outside of pedestrian 30-45 minute jogs. While I have enjoyed this period of relative inactivity, it has been slightly difficult to stay out of my running shoes with how beautiful the weather has been. The last couple days have finally started to feel like Autumn and I can’t help but feel slightly nostalgic about the 2010 Summer race season.
It must have been this slightly melancholy feeling that got me to lace them up this morning and head out to my most frequented trails. It was drizzly when I went out this morning, so I cut my typical coffee/crossword/bookreading session short so as to avoid the forecasted afternoon thunderstorms. The run itself was rather lackluster. I headed to Smuggler/Hunter Valley for a ~11 mile out and back that is really the bread and butter of my day to day training. It has good ups, good downs, and long sections of cruisers that seem to draw me in several times a week. That, and its close proximity to my front door, made it my obvious decision for today.

I felt rather lazy and slow for the duration of the run and it took me close to 8 minutes longer than usual which was slightly discouraging. I feel really out of shape for the first time in a while. I know this is not the case however, and am interpreting this sluggishness as a sign to keep it park for a little while longer. As I said, I have no immediate racing goals so I feel comfortable indulging myself in immobility.

I am sure that I will feel the urge to begin exercising again soon and I am eager to focus my fitness related ambitions towards something rather different. Of course I am referring to shredding the blower Aspen gnar in a few short months. I will still be running this winter but my athletic priorities will likely revolve around shred sticks, skins, and snow gear. I have also made a point to get a membership to a local yoga studio in an attempt to round myself out a little more as an athlete. I think it will do wonders for me in terms of core strengthening, flexibility, and recovery. My brother is a highly skilled yogi and has been an inspiration when it comes to having a calm, strudy, healthy demeanor. Soon I hope to be able to do this like JBo…

With the return of the mellow energy that is a staple of the Aspen off seasons, chilling seems only that much more appropriate. It will be good to start setting racing goals again but until then I won’t be living quite as Epic and will enjoy every second of it.