Dylan Bowman

Perpetuator of Stoke / Appreciator of Endurance

Big Things

Well, it’s February and race season is right around the corner. It’s hard to believe given the arctic conditions we have recently experienced in Aspen, but today is brilliantly sunny and the stoke level is at an all time high. Much has happened since I last contributed to the blog, but I have certainly been making the most of what free time I have. Like I have mentioned, my recreation has largely centered around skiing, but I have also found ample time to accumulate miles in an effort to be ready for next weekend’s race in Moab. I certainly don’t feel nearly as fit as I did last summer, but I’m confidant that I have what it takes to be at least slightly competitive with some of the fast guys in the desert. The field looks to be super deep and the course should be in good shape, which means exciting stuff could happen up front. I’m just hoping I can be a spectator for a little while.
In addition to being my first race in 2011, Moab is also very exciting for me as it will be the first time I fly the La Sportiva colors in competition. I am absolutely pumped to have the support of such respected company and am inspired by their commitment to the mountain athletics I love so much. La Sportiva has recently debuted the beginning of their ski mountaineering line with very cool looking alpine touring boots and bindings that I hope to get my hands on very soon. Very excited about the future.

Big things are sure to happen in 2011 which is more than enough motivation for me to get out and enjoy healthy amounts of suffering everyday. Here is a look at my tentative race plans for the new year:

2/19 – Moab Red Hot 55k
3/26 – Antelope Island 50 mile
4/20ish – Grand Canyon R2R2R
5/19 – Jemez Mountain 50 mile
6/11 – San Diego 100
7/2(?) – Leaville Marathon
8/20 – Leadville 100
9/10 – Imogene Pass

Just putting that list into writing makes me all tingly inside. For know though its time for a little rest in anticipation of next weekend. I’m just excited to run on dirt again for the first time since October. Fire it up.