Dylan Bowman

Perpetuator of Stoke / Appreciator of Endurance

Run Rabbit Run 50

First of all, hats off to Fred Abramowitz who sets the standard for ultra race direction in Colorado.  The conditions this year were absolutely horrendous and Fred’s army of volunteers selflessly braved the elements along side the runners to ensure everyone’s safety, even as afternoon carnage ensued.  Fred still had his characteristic energy all day and made it look easy.  Well done on a first class race, Fred.

Secondly, huge props to every runner who finished today.  It was winter-like in Steamboat and Mother Nature threw pretty much every undesirable condition she could at the athletes.  The attrition this year was massive.  Any finish on that course today is hugely impressive.

Third, congrats to Nick Clark for another unbelievably strong run.  Clocking a 7:26 on that course, in those conditions, 3 weeks after a 90 mile training run, after the season he has put together, is truly amazing.  He claims his season is now officially over.  Consider me a skeptic.

Finally, Congrats to Zeke Tiernan for a huge victory over a very capable and talented field.  Zeke has been a great friend and running mentor so it was very special to experience his victory first hand.  So stoked for him.  Zeke and Nick Clark battled all day and made it come down to the wire. I’ll let Nick describe the drama that ensued on the six-mile bomber downhill finish, as I’m fuzzy on the details, but I think it involved a little yo-yoing and an unfortunate shoelace malfunction.  Sometimes I wish Ultrarunning was more of a spectator sport.

All in all, an awesome day with the Tiernan Family at a fantastic race.  Life is good.

More photos here.